Strong Customer Service

Strong Customer Service at Keller-LowryInsurance is more than a product; it includes the ongoing development of relationships with our clients. Our team members strive to make each service experience a “10” for you.

We assign each client a primary Producer and an Account Manager whose duties include gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business and all applicable insurance coverage; they are responsible for ensuring all necessary coverage is in effect. Each Account Manager has two assigned Backups who will take your calls and respond to your email requests in a timely manner.

Keller-Lowry’s service standards are high and we strive to exceed them as opportunities permit. We welcome requests via email, fax, website  or phone.

Our service standards include:

  • Certificates of Insurance—24 hours (we normally respond same day and usually in less than 2 hours)
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  • Confirmation of coverage changes (other than vehicle additions)—24 hours
  • Confirmation of vehicle addition including ID card—same day
  • Coverage Placement—new business and renewal—Binders, Auto ID cards and Certificates of Insurance—24 hours
  • Detailed policy check and policies delivered within two weeks of carrier issuance
  • is a central email monitored continually during business hours. All requests are routed to team members in the office to ensure timely execution
  • Keller-Lowry also offers online certificate issuance
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